What is Snoring, Causes and Snoring Symptoms?

Snoring, Causes and Snoring Symptoms


Snoring is a noisy breathing sound while asleep due to vibration in respiratory structures that causes many serious problems with health and in relationships also. Sometimes it could be an indication towards a serious medical problem that needs immediate attention.

Causes of Snoring:

  • How you are structured: Men are more suffered from snoring in comparison to women because they have narrower airways than women.
  • Overweight or Obesity: Weak muscles of a person can leads towards snoring and the main reason of weak muscles is obesity i.e. having too much fat in body.
  • Age: As you grow older year by years, your throat experience also grows older with other parts of body and continues use of throat make it lose in strength and narrower that causes more chances of snoring.
  • Sleeping Postures: Sleeping flat on back and facing up makes your throat muscles relaxed and obstruct or block your airways that leads to snoring.
  • Nasal congestion and Sinus issues: Blocked nasal path is the most common cause of snoring, as when you struggle to breathe because of your congested or blocked airways, a mucus is buildup which leads to snoring sound.
  • Taking certain medications, alcohol and smoking: Intake of alcohol, cigarette or cigar smoking and having certain medications can lead towards snoring due to unusual relaxed muscles of your throat.

Here are some symptoms mentioned, as you detect any of these mentioned symptoms, you need get it checked:

  1. Feeling tired and exhausted upon waking up
  2. Excessive tiredness and feeling sleepy in daytime
  3. Feeling confused while waking up in night
  4. Morning Headaches
  5. Gaining Weight
  6. Breathing pauses while sleeping

Effective assistance and appropriate aids should be taken or hold to help yourself from snoring which will leads towards peaceful night sleep.

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